Precision Hemp Testing

Hemp and CBD Analytical Testing Lab

About Us

Accurate. Reliable. Value & Service.

Accuracy: Our highly trained and experienced lab technicians have standardized and validated our procedures to ensure trustworthy results.

Reliable: Golden Rule Service is the minimum standard at PHT. Our goal with every interaction with a customer is to anticipate needs and ask questions, listen, and meet promised turnaround times. Every time.

Value & Service: Tiered pricing depending on turnaround time allows the customer to get results when they need them. Farmers need certainty of turnaround times to make decisions. Product manufacturers absolutely positively need their results to ship their products.

PHT aims to electronically deliver each customer their test results early. With the potential for a crop to go hot or with products ready to be shipped, every day matters!

Why Our Lab

Full cannabinoid profiles

Accurate. Reliable. Value & Service.

Located ten minutes north of Denver

Precision Hemp Testing

What We Do

Analytical testing of Hemp and CBD products nationwide (no marijuana).

What We Do At PHT

Experience The Difference

Two PhDs, experienced analytical chemists, and lab techs.

World-class standard and validation procedures for HPLC and GCMS.

Cannabinoid Potency Testing

Cannabinoids Tested




Test Instruments

We perform our testing of different cannabinoids using world-class High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) technology. This HPLC equipment with Diode Array Detection allows us to provide accurate potency results.

Although having state-of-the-art equipment is crucial in providing results, we have a team of Analytical Chemists with years of experience in analytical chemistry to ensure trustworthy results. PHT also tests samples using both a Gas Chromatograph equipped with a Mass Spectrometer detector (GCMS) and a Gas Chromatograph equipped with a Flame Ionization Detector (GCFID). Samples are introduced to the GCFID via a Tekmar 7000 Headspace Analyzer.

Sample Requirements

At least 1 gram of the following products will be needed to complete our analysis:

  • Cannabis Flower
  • Concentrate
  • Isolate
  • Extract/Crude
  • Distillate

Turnaround Time & Pricing

Must be delivered by 12PM or considered next day.

Lab Consultations


1. All testing Services must be paid for at the time of Sample intake. At this time, we are only accepting cash, check, or PayPal payments. (We plan to install a credit transaction system shortly). There is a $25 fee for returned checks.

2. We only test lawfully grown hemp biomass, crude, isolate, and distillate. Client warrants to PPM that all Samples for testing are produced and shipped in compliance with Federal and applicable State law. All Samples consisting of agricultural products must qualify as “Industrial Hemp,” as such term is defined in the Farm Bill of 2018.

3. All sales are final. Prices do not include any sales, use, excise, privilege, or other taxes or assessments imposed on the Services and will be added to the price of Services at invoice.

4. After completion of the Services, PPM holds the right to destroy or dispose of the Samples.

5. Samples remain property of the Client at all times. Any Samples found or suspected to be hazardous (according to state or federal law) will be, in PPM’s discretion, returned to the Client or disposed of as hazardous waste at the Client’s expense.

6. PPM retains testing reports and other documentation for the applicable Federal and State legally mandated periods. PPM will only release testing information to third parties with the authorization of the Client, unless otherwise required by law.

7. PPM is not a State of Colorado licensed METRC Marijuana Analytical Testing Lab.

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